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Zero to Hero, Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Market

Sanjay Shah is the proud founder of a fully international boutique institution based upon investing and finance, the name of this institution is “Solo Capital Market“.
Sanjay Shah was born in Kenya and moved at an early age with his parents to the United Kingdom wherein he grew up in London. Shah lived an average life, ending up studying accounting and finance and eventually working as an accountant. Sanjay Shah, however, despised his job due to the lack of reward in exchange for backbreaking effort. He would drive hour to and from work every day just to work shifts that would often exceed ten hours. He cycled throughout a plethora of accounting and finance positions in the industry, but never felt anything more than as if he was wasting his life away. Sanjay Shah hated his job and the conditions therein; however, before he would leave the industry, the international financial crisis of 2008 struck and devastated his entire industry, costing him his career in the process.
Sanjay Shah was forced to rent a small room in London and within that same small room he would develop the company that today has changed his whole life exponentially: Solo Captial. Upon starting his company, Sanjay Shah employed only a handful of people; however, today, Shah employs thousands of people around the world through the multitude of companies that he either owns entirely or is a power-wielding official within.
Aged only in his early forties, Sanjay Shah considers himself retired. He owns offices in both London and Dubai. The company focuses on “proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments” as its specialties. Sanjay Shah’s diligence has allowed him to incorporate his company and own each of the controlling companies above Solo Capital itself. He also is the proud owner of over three dozen other companies across the globe.
Solo Capital offers financial services through all of its specialties and has since established itself along with Sanjay Shah as figureheads within the industry simply by always executing their work with greater precision and to much greater detail than competing companies. Solo Capital is a truly self made company that now outshines those established before it.


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