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Yeomni Park


There are few nations in the world today with as much corruption as North Korea. Yeomni Park was born into a wealthy family from North Korea. At a young age, Yeomni Park watched as her father was taken away from her family. Her family would eventually work to get away from the country. Here story resonates with many people from oppressive cultures. Yeomni Park now travels the world talking about her story. She is one of the youngest human rights activists in the world today. Here are several ways that her story is impacting people around the world.

Government Oppression

There are billions of people around the world who are living under the rule of an oppressive government. In these nations, basic freedoms are cut out. This makes it difficult for people to get ahead in life. Although some try to escape, many of these people simply do not know what life is like outside of their country. The story of Yeomni Park is inspirational because it shows these people that there is hope outside of the country they were born in. She has been able to travel to many nations across the world telling her story and advocating for people like her.

Economic Difficulty

One of the biggest issues with living in a nation like North Korea is the economic difficulty that the people live in. Many times, the people of North Korea do not even have money for food. There are few people with jobs that pay well. In addition, the economic environment of North Korea is not conducive to starting a business. Many people are then left with just accepting their life as it is. Yeomni Park has been able to tell her story and inspire people to achieve more. She is a great advocate for governments spending more money on their people. North Korea spends a huge percentage of its total budget on the military. This creates an issue where the economy and infrastructure of North Korea is crumbling and the people suffer for it.

Impact on Policy and Charity

There are already some nations around the world responding to calls from others to change their policy. Many first-world nations are willing to invest in poorer nations if they show the money is actually used to help the residents of the country. One of the issues facing many charities is getting food and water to the oppressed people. Many times, government officials steal the charitable gifts meant for the people of the country.


The story of Yeomni Park is one of hard work and dedication to the cause. Yeonmi Park has also a book on Amazon. There are many people who can relate to her story of oppression. Anyone who is living in a nation with limited freedom can use her as an example as someone who has broken out of the bondage. Over the next couple of years, many people expect that Yeomni Park will continue to tell her story and inspire people around the world.

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