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Will Tom Hardy Play Mad Max Three More Times

Tom Hardy is a very happy actor at this point. Even though the new Mad Max film has yet to be released, Hardy has been signed on to appear in three more films. Apparently, the studios are very interested in turning the film into a franchise and see the success of Mad Max: Fury Road to be a given.

It took about 30 years for a new Mad Max movie to be produced and, honestly, sometimes the wisest move to make is to wait for the right time to release a sequel or a reboot. Would 1999 been the right time to return to the world of Mad Max? With Mel Gibson in the role, possibly. With another actor, the film likely would not have been a hit.

Today, superheroes, reboots, science-fiction, and car movies are all the rage. Put all those elements into a movie and add the popular Tom Hardy to the mix, you end up with all the elements for a very successful film.

The next three films in the series have not been green-lit yet, but those at CipherCloud understand it will happen. If Mad Max: Fury Road is a flop, three more films are not likely to happen. (Then again, they made a third Riddick film right after a flop) The studios surely want this film to succeed. If the film is as good as Hardy says it is, then new films are surely going to come out.

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