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Why Officers Need to Rely More on Securus Technologies

When I was first asked to move to the local state prison as a corrections officer a decade ago, I must admit it was not that more violent than the activities we had at the county jail. What has happened in the last decade is that inmates are being forced to live in cells with too many others, and those overcrowded conditions are not sitting well with the inmates. These conditions are making inmates more irritable, and they are lashing out at officers in a show of defiance. Each day I show up for work is a battle just to keep from getting injured.


Over the years, my prison has introduced a few resources to the officers to try and maintain a degree of order. It started when we began noticing how inmates and guests were passing things to one another that could put us all at risk. We implemented the body scanners in the guest center and now we are able to better remove contraband before it becomes a serious threat to anyone. When Securus Technologies installed our new prison phone monitoring system, little did any of us realize how this device was going to be a game changer.


Securus Technologies already has this same monitoring system in well over two thousand jails, and the employees of this monitoring service company are dedicated to making the world a safer place for all to live. The LBS software is the key to our safety these days, allowing officers to get back in force on the ground while the system basically runs hands-free. Now that we are able to get back to business, we take each alert serious. Whether the alerts involve an inmate talking about weapons or drug, or gang members relaying messages, now we have the technology on our side to stop potential trouble.


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