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White Shark Media: Usual Complaints from our Customers

All through the entire year, we have been having customers coming to us with many complaints; however, we have had our portion of complaints too. It takes a long duration in building a business from scratch that will be capable of producing the minimal complaints.

White Shark Media have finally reached a situation where we considered that we had made some mistakes in business and paid for them as well. However, we have also come out with excellent services in the end.

This article is meant to let potential customers and various agencies understand the procedure we have embarked on when handling the complaints. You can trust us to utilize your admiring comments and grievances to move ahead constructively.

Below you will find some of the usual client complaints that have been received and the measures we have taken to avoid the mistakes from happening again.

I have lost touch with my AdWords Campaigns

This is a point that hit principally close to home. White Shark Media found out that the reporting process we had used are not sufficient enough to allow small company owners to assess our reports quickly or allow them to understand what was happening.

To evade this, we now ensure that every customer is systematically explained the outs and ins of the new campaigns. By knowing your complaint ahead of it starting, you will probably know the place to go if you need to see the performance of a particular ad or keyword.

I do not feel communication is excellent enough

As a consultancy organization, communication is essentially our paramount duty. It is as important as offering meaningful results to our customers.

In the early days, the majority of the customers did not feel that our communication was perfect and getting in touch with their contact person was always frustrating as they were forced to go through the receptionist. To keep away from this, we implemented the following:

White Shark Media Complaints team programmed monthly status calls with Go ToMeeting
• Provided phone systems with direct extensions

My previous campaigns were working better than your new optimized campaigns

As an AdWords organization, this is certainly a great censure on our general capability. If a customer visits and we fail to develop a good working campaign within a few months, we are in a big mess. To guarantee the triumph for each client, we amplified the significance of the process:
• The accessible campaigns are actively in operation
• Qualified administrators offer quick response and supervise each campaign management

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