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White Shark Media Addreses and Deals with Customer Complaints

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is known for being both cost-effective. and results-driven These two dual benefits are why PPC remains popular while other online marketing strategies fall by the wayside. PPC marketing does require an expert hand to guide a campaign in order to ensure a successful out. White Shark Media is an established firm offering comprehensive PPC services.

A relatively new company, White Shark Media has experienced a few complaints from customers due to growing pains. The company is listening to its customers and has posted on its blog details about the steps being taken to fix things.

Per the White Shark Media’s website, the company oversees and manages PPC campaigns and has the potential to massively increase success with Google and Bing Adwords. The company likes to attract clients who may have already been involved with PPC marketing. In order to improve customer relations, the firm no longer drops aspects of previously existing advertising campaigns. Only those facets of the prior campaign that are faltering end up being dropped.

White Shark Media has taken direct steps to improve communications and reporting. Clients have direct access to representatives handling the account via a monthly scheduled GoToMeeting session. Of course, clients can reach those experts through calling on a direct line. In the past, customers were only given a general office number. Now, direct lines are available. Group supervisors have also been hired to make sure the representatives working on a client’s account are effectively managed.

Initially, clients are going to deal with a sales representative before signing up and being assigned a SEM specialist. Previously, the client would not deal with the sales representative after signing up. To help further enhance communications, clients may are able to discuss any issues of concern with the original representative at any time.

While White Shark Media does not handle search engine optimization work, the company can look at a current SEO campaign and determine if there are deficiencies. From that point, steps can be taken to correct the SEO strategy in order to improve the overall marketing campaign.

Better analytics and tracking systems are going to be utilized. Customers wondering why the bulk of their leads are coming from phone inquiries will be able to track whether or not the PPC ads factored into the calls.

White Shark Media is very serious about customer satisfaction and making sure clients are pleased with its services. The serious manner in which the company takes incoming complaints is evidence of this.

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