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What Susan McGalla Believes About Work And Family Life

Sometimes life is better if you determine you’re not going to let it run you over. People can become so busy sometimes that they start neglecting important things that could make their day easier, and one person who knows this is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is someone who has put a lot of hard work into her career, and she eventually reaped the reward of becoming a company president and later a senior consultant. While all her achievements are important, she has also made sure to balance her business life with family and personal time along the way. She gives 11 tips about balancing life, and while they are primarily directed at women, even men can benefit from her advice.

One of the tips she gives in this list as the key priority, is to make time for down time. McGalla knows that without making time to relax and disengage from any busy activities, people will stay stressed out and potentially burn out as well. And another tip she gives for relaxing time is to choose an environment that’s quiet, free of distractions and even physically soothing. In addition to relaxing, McGalla says that stress can be alleviated by taking note of even little tasks you have to do each day, and if possible delegate them out to others or find more efficient ways to do them. Other things that can be done are taking time away from personal technology like computers and cell phones, make time to exercise, and simply just don’t let yourself feel guilty about how you use your time.  Very important link here.

Susan McGalla has spoken at seminars, college campuses, young women’s meetings and other gatherings about her career and being a female executive. One thing to know about McGalla is she emphasizes that she was not handed success on a platter for being a female, but she also has not wanted to prove anything to anyone. As a young girl, she grew up in a small town in Ohio, and she learned the value of hard work from her parents. Her childhood forged her beliefs and led to her success at Mount Union College, and later in the corporate world.

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She started out as a merchandising manager for the Joseph Horne Company, and then joined American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandising manager. She moved through the executive ranks to Chief Merchandising Officer, and then became the company president and oversaw quite a change at that company. American Eagle had primarily been a men’s fashion retailer, but she started promoting female brands and opened new outlets. After her time at American Eagle, she started P3 Executive Consulting, and also joined the Pittsburgh Steeler’s organization as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative.

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