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What Makes Rachel Nichols One Of The Best Sports Broadcasters? Find Out

Rachel Nichols is one of the most talented journalists globally. Many people love watching her shows because she is funny, and she is not afraid to ask any questions during her interviews. Rachel’s outstanding skills made her get jobs at CNN and ESPN, where she performed exceptionally, becoming a star globally. She currently hosts a basketball show, which is very popular globally.

Nichols says that she started loving sports when she was a kid, but she never thought of participating in them. However, Rachel Nichols’ passion increased as she grew up. She realized that she loved telling the story around sports events, which was more fun. According to her, reporting live is always enjoyable because there are no predetermined events, making it better than working in an office. Rachel recalls when she was working in D.C. as a newspaper reporter. Her duties made her learn about reporting, which made her love the job she does today.

Rachel Nichols says that she enjoys working on television because it enables her to tell stories better. She notes that some stories are hard to tell in writing, and you have to talk to several people to create an entertaining piece. However, when broadcasting live on TV, a video clip is enough to show spectacular moves made by sportspeople.

Nichols has interviewed many successful sportspeople, but several interviews stand out from the rest. One of them is her talk with LeBron James after refusing to talk to reporters for several months. James took action because he felt many people hated him after his team lost the NBA finals. However, LeBron decided to talk to Nichols, and he opened up about what he felt. Rachel Nichols also recalls her talk with Serena and Venus Williams before becoming the stars they are today. She also notes that her interview with Floyd Mayweather is memorable. Refer to this article for more information.

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