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Wealth Advisor-Richard Blair

Richard Blair provides a solution to wealth. According to Richard, everyone needs a financial plan for them to succeed in life. He goes ahead to offer retirement financial plans. He has been of a great help to his community members in Austin, Texas and he provides guidance on how to make it in the life’s long milestones. Mr. Blair has a strategy which he has been arranged in three pillars as listed the pillars also guide him to look at his client’s financial records and know how he can help them. The three pillars are listed and explained below.

First Pillar

In the first stage, Richard lays down his client’s financial roadmap. BY doing this he is able to know his customers’ risks tolerance, an opportunity for growth as well as their goals. This first phase is also of a great help for both Richard and his customer as they are able to build a strong relationship and connection.

Second Pillar

The second stage is also very critical as it is where the customer’s long-term, as well as personal goals, are determined. Mr. Richard is now able to allocate as well as manages his client’s goals and he is able to design them according to their desire.

Third Pillar

After he has known his customer’s needs, paned their and enacted their goals, he now to the next step of checking their insurance needs. Richard says that we cannot predict what life will be but at list, one can prevent the occurrences, that is why he assists his clients to get annuities, life insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solution which is a registered investment advisory firm with their Head Offices located in Austin, Texas. Richard established the organization with the main purpose of assisting families, individuals, as well as small business owners to reach both their long-term and personal goals. Blair’s teaching and helping skills came from his family. His mother, grandmother, and his wife were all teachers. All his life Richard prides himself on helping his clients to live in retirement as they have already planned.


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