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Watford Chair Gino Pozzo Brings Success To The English Soccer Club

The limitations of a mid-table soccer team in the top division of England professional football are clear to see. The top five or six clubs headed by Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham have the best players and the most money available to spend on their teams. Watford F.C. owner, Gino Pozzo has recently explained why he believes his club can become a stable Premier League club with a vast, vibrant fanbase.

Gino Pozzo believes the issue many clubs in the middle of the pack each year when the Premier League is being fought over is their failure to plan for the future. In soccer, the majority of teams are looking at the next few months instead of planning for the long-term by preparing for life many seasons ahead. Watford is taking a different approach to life in the Premier League with Pozzo and his Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury identifying the average time spent at a single club by a head coach is around two years for all but the top six clubs in England.

You may wonder why the length of time a coach spends at a club is important to the owner? The answer is Gino Pozzo believes a head coach at a soccer club should be involved in coaching players but not in the long-term development of the team. Pozzo uses a team of scouts headed by the former Italian soccer international Andrea Carnevale who provides lists of players he believes can be purchased by both Watford and Udinese. Both clubs are intent on buying young, exciting players who can step into the first team when established players are sold on to other teams. Gino Pozzo is so certain that Watford is one of the leading investments he has made that he has moved his family from Barcelona to London to ensure the club achieves its goals.

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