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Waste Reduction During the Holidays.

 The other day, people were storming the shopping outlets to buy their Halloween customs. That was later followed by thanksgiving, a holiday of its kind. As Christmas and New Year holidays are fast approaching, there are multiple purchases, which means there are increased wastes. Waste has a lot of hazards to the environment and the people living around it. That is why people and companies must develop strategies to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Recycling is one of the best methods to reduce the amount of waste in dumps.

Ombori is at the forefront of ensuring that waste is reduced, especially during this festive season. Smart Recycling Technology is a solution for this time and era. But how does it work? Smart Recycling Bins are placed in different locations where people can access them. A person then visits the bin with what they want to donate. For Ombori, they focus on clothes and textiles. When the clothes are placed on the bins receptacle, it displays how much they have donated to the giver. This information is safely kept so that you will get a discount on your next purchase. The automated bin then alerts the workers when it’s full to be emptied.

 The technology is available, and different companies can take it. For instance, even if Ombori takes care of all clothing and textile wastes, there are still wastes that will end up in the dumpsites. Say shoes, foodstuff, and electronics. If all companies use the Smart Recycling Technology, then raw materials’ extraction, refining, and processing will reduce. Air and water pollution will also decrease at a significant rate.

Other ways to reduce wastes include

• Recycle card boxes

• Use recyclable gift wrappings

• Rinse and dry food and beverage food containers before trashing them in the bin.

• If a product is not recyclable, take them to a secondhand store instead.

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