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Vogue Business Highlights the Achievements of Academy of Art University Alumni

Academy of Art University is head and shoulders above other institutions regarding equipping students for successful careers in the real world. Having taken courses developed by working professionals and tailored to the needs of today’s students, graduates are adequately equipped to face challenges in various fields. The field of fashion is not an exception; yet, the alums of the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University are undoubtedly remarkable. Their contributions show the unique insights they bring to the table, as seen in their portfolios, and the acknowledgment they gain from awards and publications at the forefront of their profession.

The institution’s School of Fashion has received several honors throughout the years; Vogue Business’s recognition is one of them. The University was highlighted as a pioneer in the sector by the publication’s recent research on the significance of art courses for professional success. That’s no little part due to the institution’s commitment to a continually evolving curriculum to meet the needs of its diverse student body.

AAU achieves its goal by providing students with a rigorous curriculum in the fundamentals of the arts and various seminars and projects. These encourage students to exercise their creativity. Faculty members with professional experience in the fashion business provide one-on-one mentoring and exposure to a vast professional network. It enables students to transit from academic to professional life.

The School of Fashion takes pride in providing cutting-edge opportunities for its students to succeed, such as in-house fashion presentations and attendance at New York Fashion Week. When students enroll at the Academy of Art University, they are not required to provide a portfolio of work. Upon graduation, they will have a comprehensive portfolio of design ideas and finished projects to assist them in finding meaningful jobs or launching their enterprises.

The graduates are forward-thinking strategists, creative producers, and cutting-edge technologists who will drive interaction and experience design change. On-campus and online students can collaborate with major companies and actual customers on meaningful projects. These help students hone their abilities, expand their resumes, and offer them valuable work experience. That will serve them well when they establish themselves professionally after graduation.

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