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Viola Davis Leads the Way

Viola Davis is an actress credited with leading the way for many women who not only look like her, but share the same age bracket. The Hollywood Reporter hosted an Emmy Nominated Actress Roundtable and which Viola Davis sat along Hollywood powerhouses Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lange, Taraji P. Henson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Ruth Wilson. Viola discussed her most recent role as Annalise Keating and the show “How to Get Away with Murder”. Davis stated how she has never seen an opportunity for an almost 50 year old, dark skinned woman who is not a size 2 to play a sexualized character on any television show or in any film. She noted that many times in her career she would often get ‘mommified’ roles. She admitted that before she accepted the role, she was completely terrified. Those in-the-know at the Amen Clinics point out that upon further meditation and research on the role, she was then empowered. The actress noted how she had to learn how to get out of typecasting herself. The actress had to dig deep as a person and find out who her character was and make her, her own. Davis also touched on the pressures of Hollywood make women feel like they have to play characters who are idealistic and likeable. Viola has noted that challenging her naysayers is the best way to challenge herself. Davis has opened up a fascinating world for women in Hollywood to be themselves and love themselves.

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