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Vin Diesel Has Third Child

It has been announced that actor Vin Diesel has just become a father again for the third time, as his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez just gave birth to the couple’s number three kid. Vin Diesel, 47, has two other kids who are ages 6 and 4, so this is not the first time that he has had this happen.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC news, the actor posted a picture of his new born on to his Facebook page to share it with the world. The baby seems to be in perfect health and will be joining its siblings here in just a couple of days. As far as the post on Facebook, this just goes to show how impacting social media is these days. Not only can the average person share more information about themselves to the world, but celebrities now have a way to interact with their fans without having to get mobbed every time they step outside the door.

Vin Diesel is a big actor that has been in a number of action and drama films as well as a couple off the wall comedies, but he is the type who loves kids so congratulations to him and his long time girlfriend stated Dr Jennifer Walden. Who knows if this will be their last one, but three is a fairly good number and a great size for the avareage family.

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