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Van Diesel Names His Daughter After Co-Star Paul Walker

Just recently actor Van Diesel and his long time girlfriend gave birth to another one of their children. Especially with the recent advanced screening of Furious 7, the actor has come out and told the world that he is naming is daughter “Pauline” in a tribute to his friend and fellow actor, Paul Walker, whom he was very close with up until his death in a car accident in 2013.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Van Diesel told the audience in a very emotional statement that he felt as if Walker was right next to him in the delivery room when his daughter was being born. Van Diesel and Paul Walker were very close and it was a huge tragedy the way he passed away, and since he was like a brother to Van Diesel it is nice that the actor can honor his friend in such a way.

It is really touching and comforting to see this human side to celebrities who’s job it is to make us feel like they are these people and heroes on the big screen, but it does take guts for them to show the side of them to the public in which we can all actually relate to stated After all, actors and actresses are just regular people too, and it can be hard to remember that sometimes when they are in the spot light.

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