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Upwork is well-positioned in the gig economy as an efficient matchmaker between freelance professionals and clients

The gig economy is the gold rush of the 21st Century. Instead of mining the California landscape for precious metals, freelancers are remotely collaborating and revolutionizing the concept of work as it stands today. For students, graduates, and even boomers, bucket list destinations and the power to work wherever, whenever is becoming paramount.

Traditional employers are taking advantage. By 2020, half of the workforce will consist of freelancers or independent professionals, unrestrained by location. Small businesses and large corporations alike will have access to larger pools of talent with specialized skill sets available on demand, decreasing the time needed to find appropriate candidates via traditional means.

Virtual freelancing platforms like Upwork are helping these digital nomads of all backgrounds trade 9 to 5 drudgery for freedom and flexibility.

Prior to the 2001 formation of the Freelancers Union, freelance writers and computer repair professionals especially struggled to find adequate compensation and steady workflow.

Born from the 2013 merger of Elance and Odesk, Upwork usership has grown to 140 million in 180 countries. Upwork caters directly to the culture and lifestyle of remote workers everywhere, requiring only a computer and internet connection.

Effective crowdsourcing through the platform assures both clients and freelancers a positive experience when participating.

Upwork gives clients the ability to offer entry, intermediate, and expert level tasks, allowing experienced freelancers to complete projects according to matching skill level. Real time chat provide clients opportunities to quickly ascertain the best talent.

Although the platform has removed previous hurdles in virtual relationship management, success on Upwork requires substantial commitment and motivation. Competition is fierce, clients can have unreal expectations, Upwork takes 20% cut. Making profit can take time, despite prior work experience. Reputation and rapport building can sometimes require anywhere from 6 months to a year. A convincing bio with a large portfolio of work samples and effective time management can help diminish these barriers.

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