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University of Texas Alumni Crushes It with KM Capital Management

AFrom College Books to Capital Management

When you are able to have a successful academic career you feel you have made it. To justify that feeling creating your own business and becoming a CEO is exemplary proof of success.

Enters Joey Feste

Joey Feste graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1987. Feste knew he was destined to do something big, destined to change the world.

Shortly after graduation, Feste became a registered investment advisor representative with Paine Webber. Paine Webber was founded in 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts and by late 2000 rosed to become the 4th largest private firm in the United States. Surely finding assets like Joey Feste led to such an achievement.

Ascension to the Big Leagues

Before leaping to start his own company, Joey Feste joined Morgan Stanley as an investment advisor. He managed athletes’ money. Even though he helped his clients achieve their financial goals, Feste felt that he could provide more value than what he was allowed to deliver.

In 2004, Feste decided to do just that, provide his clients more value. He started KM Capital Management that year. Stating that the main value that differentiates KM Capital Management from Morgan Stanley is what they offer their clients.

Feste states, “We pay bills, we negotiate leases, we buy cars and insurance, we touch nearly every part of their financial lives so that nothing falls through the cracks.”

With utilization like that it is easy to see the true value Joey Feste and KM Capital Management cultivated and why the business has blown up.

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