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Under the Leadership of Andre El-Mann Arazi, Fibra Uno Plays a Leading Role In World Real Estate

The world of real estate is incredibly vast. This is one world that includes lots of different kinds of companies. That includes companies that specialize in commercial real estate as well as those that aim for the residential real estate market. For one person, Andre El-Mann Arazi, rising to the top of this field has taken a lot of work and paid off. He has seen an empire begin and helped it grow over time. In the process, he is proud to be part of something larger than himself with a great deal of incredible potential that continues today.

Rising to The Top

Forbes is an influential American magazine. This magazine is one that is devoted to the world of business all over the world. They pay close attention to all sorts of important metrics. One of the many things the company does is rank an influential real estate firm. Those at Fibra Uno are pleased to report they are one firm that ranks in the to thirty. That makes them the largest real estate firm in all of Mexico and the only one to rank on the list for Latin America. This is firm on the move and it shows.

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