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Tyga Files For Custody Of King Chiro

Tyga is done watching Blac Chyna put twerking before their son. While Tyga had made it clear on many occasions before that he wants his ex to be more responsible and take care of their son it seems that Chyna didn’t get the memo. Apparently Chyna was busted twerking on camera with her buddy Amber Rose before hitting the club this weekend and Tyga didn’t like it one bit.

Susan McGalla says Tyga insists that he doesn’t want his some raised by nannies and Blac Chyna is an unfit mother, now he is ready to file for full custody of their now two year old son King Chiro. Many are speculating that Tyga is one to talk considering his heavy partying and his recent summer spent painting the town red with Kylie Jenner, but Tyga insists that he is the better father and is ready to duke it out in court.



Azariah Hugh says:

As it stands, Chyna and Tyga have no set in stone arrangements regarding the custody of Chiro but now that Tyga is ready to get the courts involved it look like they both better get ready. That is a very good thing for writing a good essay because it can definitely Chiro have much to say to Tyga at the end of the show.

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