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Tyga and Chris Brown Come Together Again

Tyga may be feuding with his Cash Money/Young Money family, but he certainly does have a great bond with Chris Brown. The two are actually teaming up together again for a new single. I heard about this when I was reading about Laurene Powell Jobs the other day.

Both Chris and Tyga have started a tour with Trey Songz so these two have been pretty close for a while. They have also recorded together in the past. The two have another single together so this will be good for the tour, but there have been rumors that a whole album could emerge. 

At the moment everyone from the “Between the Cheats” tour is having problems. Chris Brown is breaking up with his girlfriend due to rumors of her possible affair with Drake. Tyga has broken up with his girlfriend as a result of her connection – and possible affair with Drake. Even Trey Songz – who partnered with Drake on several songs – is feeling the heartache that comes with his involvement with recent suicide victim that happened to be a married women. 

Tyga is trying to leave the Cash Money label. Chris Brown had actually stated that the “X” album was going to be his last. At the moment it seems that both aritsts are at a crossroads.


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