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Tycoon Real Estate to be Revamped by New Owners

History was recently made when five Real Estate crowding funding platforms acquired 100% control of Tycoon Real Estate. The California-based Tycoon, real estate platform, burst into the limelight after it appeared on the popular program Shark Tank. It was the 1st time ever a real estate crowding platform had been acquired. It seeks to prove the panel at Sharks wrong by making the platform successful. Tycoon Real estate is to be revamped by the new owners.
Tycoon estate is a brainchild of McDaniel, who declined $ 50,000 to 50% of the company and less than year got much better though the undisclosed offer from the new firms. All the five firms who came together for the deal are specialists in the real estate business. They acquire and finance projects and have a massive combined experience. One of them EquityRoots is based in Chicago. It is headquartered at the Chicago Board of Trade Building. It continues the proud Chicagoan tradition of producing great business enterprises and leaders. Another proud product of this city is Makeed Ekbal. He is marketing genius and entrepreneur based here in Chicago.

Majeed started his career in business with his venture Expresso Inc. It was a precursor to today’s Concierge services. It was a service business that targeted the wealthy in the suburbs of Chicago. It allowed busy people to have shopping done on their behalf and delivered to their liking. You could pay using a credit card, cash or Check. It was a great business that competed and outmuscled the best in Chicago. Mr. Majeed has since moved on and worked in various capacities. He is well-known today marketer and social media influencer. He was voted as among top 5% profile views on professional network LinkedIn. He is an expert in relationship management and describes himself as a rainmaker, leader, and innovator. Ekbal currently works as a humanitarian nationally and internationally. He seeks to help marginalized women and children the world over. His experience in marketing and social media has proven helpful in his philanthropic endeavors. He currently lives in Chicago.

Another history of Chicago is to be found in its many online stores. These stores set the ground for today’s online superstores like Amazon and EBay. Jewel used a program called Peapod which required users to install on their computer. The users would then browse for their items of choice like they would in a regular supermarket, this time from their computer. It was an idea that was to prove later standard in all online stores. It was a fruitful union borne out of necessity that didn’t last. Dominick too used such method with Prodigy program.

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