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Traveling With Wengie


Wengie has offered several hacks to make life easier as well as a look into her life. One of her latest videos offers hacks for traveling that make it a bit more convenient and exciting for the family. Place a fragile sticker or tag on your luggage the next time you travel so that the people who handle your baggage will take more care of your belongings. Your luggage being labeled as fragile might also mean that it gets off the cart faster as it’s often placed near the top of the items loaded on the plane.


If you like reading books while flying but find that your eyes get dry, then consider downloading audio books. You’ll want to have a set of earbuds handy so that you don’t disrupt the people around you while listening to the books. There are several apps that offer free books that you can download to your phone. Your plants might be a bit brown while you’re gone. Make a small hole on a bottle lid before filling a bottle with water. Place the bottle upside down over the plants that you want watered while you’re gone. The small hole will allow for a small drop to fall over the plants to keep them hydrated. If you forgot to pack shaving cream in your suitcase, you can use hair conditioner to shave your legs and moisturize your skin. Avoid using conditioner that has fragrances as this can irritate the skin while you’re shaving, especially if you don’t use water.

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