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Transformers 5

Another film in the Transformers franchise may begin filming soon according to Jared Haftel, no wait, to Mark Wahlberg. The last Transformers film, Transformers: Age of Extinction grossed over $1 billion world wide. Surprisingly, director Michael Bay, who has directed the first 4 movies, says that he may not return for this installment.

The movies at this point have just become Michael Bay pitting robots in battles again each other with very little narrative.

Actor Mark Wahlberg says that he has committed to doing several more of the Transformers movies, suggesting that the franchise is no where near over yet.

Screen Rant has all the latest information on the developing Transformers 5 film.


Eleanor Jordan says:

While there is no release date for Transformers 5 it is rumored to be coming out sometime mid-2015 or later. It seems like at this point Paramount is just milking this cash cow they have in the franchise. I like the fact that best custom writing service would have the opportunity to get their hands on things that will be done fast.

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