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Tom Chang MD on Common Eye Diseases

We have five sensory organs as human beings. Without any of them, then lives become a bit challenging. We have highly trained professionals in the world to help patients with problems related to their sensory organs especially those related to eye healthcare. Dr.  Tom Chang MD is an internationally renowned clinician, Surgeon, and educator. He is a trained ophthalmologist, meaning that he diagnoses and treats eye diseases, including vision loss, Glaucoma, detached retinas, and other problems related to the eyes. 

Tom Chang MD has been in practice for over twenty years. He has extensive experience in performing laser retina surgery, refractive surgery, and replacement operations. Regular visits to the eye clinic are essential. Below are the commonly known diseases:

Glaucoma. Tom S Chang MD explains that it occurs when the eye pressure reaches a level at the optic nerve, with no strength to withstand damage and loss of peripheral vision. It is also commonly known as the silent thief of sight as primarily those with glaucoma have no idea of its existence. Tom Chang MD explains that it’s equally challenging to treat it as if it is irreversible, mainly if unnoticed. With early detections, medication is started immediately while trying to minimize the eye pressure 

Macular Degeneration. It affects mainly persons aged sixty and above. It is also known as age-related macular degeneration. It occurs as a blur of the central vision as primarily it is impacted by the macula thinning over a long time. It’s irreversible, but with early detection, it can be managed. Usually, drusen is the first sign of this disease. Tom Chang MD has given over 120 lectures globally and written over 50 publications. He has been excellent in academics in different institutions, and awards him in handy, including top teaching award by ophthalmology residents and the founding of the Acuity Eye Group. 

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