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Todd Lubar: He is the Real Deal!

Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not your typical entrepreneur. In every endeavor, in which Lubar becomes involved: in the back of his mind, is achievement. And, in encouraging Lubar fashion, he simply does not “fail forward.” In fact, Lubar, remarkably has a knack at raising funds, increasing sales volumes and seems to travel life’s success pathway—quite effortlessly, and with a great deal of vigor. His secret? Evidenced from Lubar’s progressive career, he knows how to network. Most persons probably would be blown over by Lubar’s list of contacts. His style is achievement; radiated by an engaging good-natured personality. Lubar admits that he basically knows how to make a business work. He believes part of his business acumen is attributable to his broad experience within the real estate and financial industry.

Also, he achieved a solid foundation in way of an education. Lubar attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie Schools in (the quintessential American community of Hightstown, New Jersey). He later attained a B.A. degree in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.


He made his entry into the field of real estate as a loan originator, working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd developed, summarily, his extensive contact list by building one-on-one partnerships with persons occupied in varying financial professions.


Other business activities that have proved successful for Lubar include the following:


Todd opened up the Maryland office of Charter Funding. This move made it possible for Lubar to increase his loan program offerings to his client base. He further formed an affiliate enterprise, known as Legendary Financial, LLC–a lending institution relative to individuals and business enterprises. Lubar has been ranked on the list of the Nation’s Twenty-Five Top Originators in the United States for several years. During the years, when the mortgage industry was in transformation, around 2007 and 2008, Lubar involved himself in the business operational end of a reclaimation business and a dismantling service.


Todd enjoys spending time with his two lovely children. He likes to travel and enjoys sunshiny locales such as Southern California. He enjoys, too, holidays in idyllic states such as Maine, and does his part in spreading a little bit of his own sunshine with respect to every person he meets.

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