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Tieks Review 2022: Are Tieks Worth the Cost

After being worn by celebrities and fashionistas in Europe, Tieks by Gavrieli are now available in the United States and Canada. This shoe company boasts exceptionally eco-friendly materials without compromising comfort or style. However, these durable shoes are costly and may cost you upwards of $200. The shoe company is a great option for those looking glamorous while remaining environmentally conscious.

For many women, a trip to the mall means at least one stop at the shoe store. For some women, this is an opportunity to try on a new pair of high heels that may or may not suit their fancy. However, for others, it is a chance to find a trendy new pair of shoes for less than 100 dollars. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone in the mall’s shoe department.

While these shoes are considered “multi-purpose,” they are still specifically designed for dresses or summer clothing. Tieks are especially popular among petite women and those who like to wear their shoes with dresses, skirts, and pants. The company is designed for dress shoes and should not be worn outside of them. They include a regular toe box with a slightly wider vamp. The front part of the shoe is extremely flexible, which is necessary for shoes that are supposed to be worn without socks or tights. The soft sole provides good ground support while bending at the toes.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of comfortable and trendy shoes, Tieks may be a good choice. If you have narrow feet, you’ll have to try on a few different pairs to see which style works best for your foot, but chances are you’ll find one that fits like a glove. Their price may be high, but it gets back to the fact that many of these shoes last for years. You’ll need to replace only your heel if you choose a pair that is less than two years old.

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