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The Words of Joseph Bismark


I have checked out Joseph Bismark’s Blog and found this wonderful article. I liked his emphasis on positive thinking. He states that it is more powerful than any self help book. However, he understands one has to experience the power in order to truly appreciate it. Also since, he understands the power of positive thinking, he also has an understanding of what positive thinking truly is. His views of positive thinking are surely different from the views presented by pop psychology. For this reason, it works for him. It has brought him very far in business and in his relationship with himself and those in his life. 

He does not seek to be powerful over anyone. He instead wants to help others discover the power within themselves. This is one thing that I really like about Joseph Bismark. Many business and people in general seem to want to take power away from others for themselves. He places a lot of importance on being able to work with people and understand them. He values understanding as a key asset in business and personal life. It has helped me grow as a person and can help others. One thing that I find powerful about Joseph Bismark is how he values a sense of humility. He values listening to others and getting their opinion.

Joseph Bismark’s values are in line with my values. I am the type of person who is not into promoting myself. I am more into listening to others than just talking at them. This is what makes me better able to connect with others. Joseph Bismark connects better with others with his technique as well. It is important to listen to others so that one can effectively enrich their lives in the ways that one is meant to. When listening, one is able to help someone else learn something that is needed to be learnt.

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