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The Transporter Is Refueled With A New Lead Actor

The Transporter Refueled (a title that is obviously a tongue-in-cheek nod to The Matrix Reloaded) is the newest entry and the film is not a reboot. This is the fourth film in the series.

You could say the Transporter is returning and debuting at the same time. The once highly popular action-adventure film franchise is coming back and a new actor is taking over the reigns of the lead role. Folks at Boraie Development note that the original Transporter Jason Statham has moved on to bigger things.

In the same vein as TV’s The Saint, Roger Moore, taking over for Sean Connery in the James Bond films, Game of Thrones’ star Ed Skrein picks up where Statham left off. The actors may change, but the action and adventure will remain the same.

Why was a decision made to produce a new Transporter movie after so many years the franchise remained dormant? Action movies are doing well at the box office. Recently, Furious 7 pulled in a massive $1+ billion take at the world wide box office. The Transporter might not be as popular as a series as Furious 7 (which featured Statham as a villain), but both films share a penchant for chases and over-the-top action. The younger audiences who love these kind of films could show up in decent numbers to make The Transporter a success.

The film opens on September 4th. Based on that date, the studio is not assuming the film has blockbuster potential. Late August/early September released, however, can be sleeper hits and due well. The makers of The Transporter Refueled surely are hoping this will be the case with their new sequel.

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