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The Teachings of the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre is an organization of a non-profit origin. They are based out of Los Angeles in California, and have teachings available both in spiritual centers and online. These groups based on studies are located throughput the world. The courses feature the teachings of both the Zohar and the Kabbalistic.


Phillip and Karen Berg handle the presentations for the Kabbalah teachings and were the developer’s. The Kabbalah Centre is international and their staff are of all different ethnicities. They teach and guide their students in the understanding of the Kabbalah’s learnings.


The belief by Rabbis for centuries are that the Kabbalah’s teachings were so utterly complex in nature and very easily misunderstood. For these reasons, the teachings of the Kabbalah were only offered to students who were extremely devout and usually male. These students were also over the age of forty.


Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah Center in 1992. They are now located in over forty cities and have an amazing presence online. The Kabbalah has the keys to the universe’s secrets and explains the mysteries contained inside of the heart and soul. The teachings explain how complex the universe actually is and touches on humanities nature. The navigation required to remove chaos, suffering and pain is also explained.


Going back thousands of years, the sages of the Kabbalah have taught that all people are born with the power to be great. The art of activating potential is found in the Kabbalah. The arts described in the Kabbalah are not meant to be just learned, they are meant to be used in improving the quality of life. Erasing death is also touched upon in these works.


The Kabbalah Centre offers the opportunity for learning to everyone regardless of who they are or what situation they find themselves in. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to religious learn the teachings but have a strong desire to do so.

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