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The Successes of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful and respected businessmen in the world of business. Mr. Levenson is both a successful business owner in addition to a former NBA team owner. The team that he was previously the owner of was the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most famed accomplishments was his creation of the United Communications Group in 1977. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson was also a board member for TechTarget. TechTarget is an IT company that has a foundation in media.

Bruce Levenson on prnewswire  was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase Maryland. Ever since a young age, Mr. Levenson has had a passion for business including the world of investment. Mr. Levenson was also born to a Jewish family which is shown through his donations and contributions to Jewish communities around the United States.

The company that Bruce Levenson co-founded is called United Communications Group. This company was originally a newsletter that focused particularly on the oil industry. After a little bit of success, the company continued to acquire more newsletter in addition to launching databases. The company specialized in data as well as analysis for important issues such as healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology as well as many other industries.

By 2004, Mr. Levenson’s success is what brought him to the position of becoming a co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson participated even further with the team by becoming the team’s managing partner as well as becoming a member on the NBA board of governors.

Mr. Levenson has strong ties with the Jewish community due to the fact that his family is Jewish and that his mother and-in law was a surviving member of the Holocaust. His strong ties influenced him to share more information about the horrific event to his team members.

Mr. Levenson, despite being very successful, has taken the time to teach others of the importance of helping. Mr. Levenson has been involved in several organizations that have been geared to making the community a better environment. One of the organizations that Mr. Levenson is fully involved in is the I Have a Dream Foundation. This particular foundation is geared towards helping children receive a high education despite the fact that they come from lower income families.

In addition to being active the the neighboring communities, Mr. Levenson is a major proponent for teaching people about the Holocaust. Mr. Levenson is an active donator to the U.S Holocaust museum. In addition this this, he even funds the bring the lessons home program which is a major component of the museum.

One of the major beliefs that Mr. Levenson posses is that nonprofit organizations are key to making the world a better place. This is why Mr. Levenson is an active donor and participant of the SEED Foundation which is geared towards teaching people on how to run a non-profit organization. The goal is to motivate students in Universities to make a true difference in the world.

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