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The Success of Purina PetCare

Purina PetCare is one of the best companies to buy the best quality products from. Purina PetCare, ever since 2001, has been labeled as one of the best, if not the best pet product selling company in the world. Purina PetCare is a result from a merging of companies in 2001. The two companies that were involve were Nestle and Ralston Purina. Ralston Purina was a pet food selling company that was acquired by Nestle for 10.3 billion dollars. The company now currently is still focusing on producing the best pet products that will improve the lives of every pet. What makes the products produced by Purina so great is that each product produced is made so of even being fed to the Purina PetCare employees.

In 2001, when Purina was transformed into Purina PetCare, it brought started producing some of the biggest name brands such as Purina ONE, Beneful, and Friskies. Purina PetCare currently has a headquarters in St. Louis Missouri. In addition to the headquarters that is located in Missouri, there are 16 other locations. These company locations are located in Oceania, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. All of these companies are dedicated to producing the best brand name. As of now, Purina PetCare is labeled as the second-largest pet product company in the world, and the largest pet product company in the United States.

The advertising and products that have been put out by Purina are of the highest quality. Some of the newest additions to the wet food and dry food include litter and treats. Every single ingredient that goes into the products are wholesome and delicious. Purina PetCare is not just known for their wonderful product but also for their pet-related charities, sponsorships, and events.

Purina PetCare takes any pet’s well being very seriously. After the devastation created by Hurricane Charley, Purina PetCare was kind enough to send 80 tons of pet food to the owners of pets who had nothing left to feed their dogs. In addition to this, Purina PetCare also donated 100,000 dollars to the local animal shelters. To further their philanthropy, in 2003, Purina PetCare partnered up with the Canine Health Foundation. The purpose of the partnership was to help further veterinary research. The excellent quality products and the mission to improve the lives of all pets is what makes Purina PetCare and the Purina News Center where you can turn to when in need of pet products.

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