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The Story of Jessica Dean Attorney

Women are seemingly taking up various top careers that were considered male dominant. One such individual is Jessica Dean an attorney . She is a lawyer by profession, having ventured into the career close to a decade ago. She grew up in a large family with seven siblings. Her mother was a stay-at-home mum while the dad built planes. She has always been ambitious in her teenage years; she started a job as a waitress. Seeing her dad working hard played a role in instilling work ethics and drive, which has become instrumental in her career. When she was not working part-time, she participated in extra activities: debate and swimming. She applied for various scholarships through the debating team to join the University to study law.

 Law school was not a walk in the park as it required one to be hardworking and resilient. After graduating from law school, Jessica Dean attorney wanted to have her law firm. While in school, she met other individuals of the same mindset. After graduating from law school, she moved into a different city where she represented workers who were unfairly compensated and mistreated by employees. Representing the different clients involved in labor disputes made her feel human again as attorney Jessica Dean.

She moved on to a law firm whose sole responsibility was helping individuals with Mesothelioma cancer through asbestos exposure. Many companies are aware that asbestos is harmful but do not take action. Attorney Jessica Dean is passionate about living in a community where the law is used as the last result. Using the justice system in place to help enforce broken laws.

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