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The Rise Of Richard Liu In The Ecommerce Industry

Richard Liu, also known as Qiangdong, is among the top internet entrepreneurs in China. He is the founding father and the president of, which is currently the leading online retail shop across the world. He was born in the year 1973 in a poorly developed community known as Suqian based in the Jiangsu province in China.

After successfully completing his primary school education, Richard Liu joined Renmin University, located in one of the major cities in China. After a period of four years, he graduated with a degree in sociology. Even though he was studying sociology, Richard Liu spent most of his learning computer programming in the nearest cyber.

He got an opportunity to work as a freelance who specialized in doing coding. He has transformed numerous businesses into online stores. This was he applied on his startup, currently known as According to the analysis done in 2018, the company has increased its revenue to beautiful figures indicating the success achieved for the years it has been in operation.

The is currently compared to the greatest e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, based in the United States. The company began like a small startup known as Jingdong specialized in selling magneto-optical devices. The business was located in Beijing, selling products such as CD ROMs. After a period of five years, the business had grown, increasing the number of stores.

By 2003, China was hit by the SARS pandemic, which had adverse effects on businesses in the country. The respective body subjected the affected areas to total lockdown forcing Richard Liu to close his business since Beijing was among the affected areas. During the closure period, Richard Liu thought of creating an online marketplace for his business.

He used his computer expertise and turned the business into an online marketplace during the pandemic period, which ultimately led to the rise of, which is currently a booming business.

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