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The RealReal Gets IPO Ready

The RealReal is getting people excited about the concept of buying used items, and this is something that is making this company one to watch. There has never been a time where people have been as excited about the possibility of getting something that is used than they are about it now.

This is an online IPO that is easily going to be able to have stock that accelerates because this company is doing a lot in sales every year. The sales continue to increase as profit margins grow because more people are getting rid of luxury items. This means that it gives people that may not be able to afford these things new and exciting opportunities to buy these items used.

The RealReal CEO has been able to establish a company that is worthy of an IPO because it is filling a void. There are a lot of fly-by-night companies that fold after a couple of years because the business plan failed to attract a strong customer base. With The RealReal it is obvious that more people are coming on board as they discover this online consignment website. It is getting even more buzz because there are people that are finding out about the physical store that is coming to New York. This is an even better sign of growth and unlimited possibilities that exist for The RealReal.

In most cases a company is not going to be able to go public until there is a level of growth that ensures that there will be opportunities to move further and build more of a customer base.

Opening a physical store is easier for The Realreal because the online sales have already generated so much revenue. This also makes it easier for this company to branch out and become more of a mainstream outlet for people that want discounted luxury items.

The luxury market is something that has not really been tapped into in any of the major cyber stores that sell items. It is true that Amazon sells a lot of used items, but luxury items are a novelty.

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