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The New Poltergeist Film Is Geared To Kids


Horror movie remakes have a tendency to be more hits than misses. Since the concept of a horror film is so simple, as long as there is interest in the genre, people are going to go see it. Remaking an old horror movie is fairly easy, too. Once again, the concepts and plots of these films are fairly basic. Putting a new version of an old film is not all that tough even when the original was made 30+ years ago. You do not have to update much. This is why we are seeing a remake of Poltergeist. The concept of a haunted house is pretty easy to follow.

The one major change here is the new version is not going to be a “real” horror film. According to the Dallas Observer, the focus will be on a kids-friendly spooky adventure tale. Fans with long memories, like myself and Marc Sparks, might be less than thrilled that the frightening nature of the first film is being deviated from. Honestly, there is no reason to feel any animosity towards the Poltergeist remake. The first film was PG-rated and it came out at a time when R-rated slasher films dominated movie screens.

Besides, no matter what you end up thinking about the remake, the odds are likely the new film will be way better than the horrible sequels to the original film.

Focusing the new version towards kids also makes sense in the current landscape since horror fans are more interested in zombies than ghosts.

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