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The Movie, The Interview, Has Come to a Close

The Interview is the first movie in years to spend millions of dollars to produce the flick,and not release it. The hackers that got into Sony Pictures’ computers who was a major producer of the film, and now have been coerced not to release the film. The way the hackers went about getting the attention of American public was anything but subtle, but their option worked and prevented the nationwide release.

There are plenty of movies with humor, and there are films that engage in fake terrorist plots, but when you combine the two with a specific target like a North Korean communist leader, the results are not going to put movie watchers in a jovial mood.

Hackers began by the cyber attack on Sony Pictures, exposing emails about stars like Angelina Jolie. There were multiple leaks with studio data, threats against employees, and other problems that would spread fear worldwide.

The actual release was cancelled by Seth Rogan and James Franco, co-writers of the script. Next Andrew Heiberger says they cancelled the press appearances and the planned premiere in New York. It was over; an expensive exit.

The Interview is off the screens, and no matter how humorous the cast thought it was, the American public came to their senses on this one.


Destiny Carlos says:

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