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The Life of Reeve Benaron

He’s come a long way from the humble beginnings he used to have but Reeve Benaron has since said he does not take any of it for granted. In fact, to this day, he still helps fundraise for a wide variety of charities & donates blood to the American Red Cross whenever he has the chance. 

Born & raised in la, he wound up having the highest gpa in his high school class which is why he was named valedictorian. After that, he was offered the chance to study Talmud at Yeshiva University & did not see how he could pass that up. Reeve Benaron later enrolled at the university of san diego where he made sure to keep his gpa as high as he could. 

After graduating, he went on to work for salomon smith barney holdings for 12 years. But in 2010, they were acquired by Morgan Stanely & he was forced to find another job. So Reeve Benaron started sending out applications & eventually was named partner at ax in the summer of 2012. So he moved to marina del rey where he excelled in this role. 

This is what gave him the idea to open a marketing firm of his own & this manifested in the form of AUDIENCEX. Reeve Benaron was unsure of how he would fare in this type of role but it has since done well for over a decade. Healthcare expert Benaron now lives in Miami where he runs intrivo, a cutting edge healthcare company. 

For performance-driven agencies and brands, AUDIENCEX healthcare platform helps separate the signal from the noise. The company creates powerful multi-channel campaigns informed by an embrace of technology, content and strategy. Reeve Benaron is a visionary thinker and a true gamechanger in the HealthTech space. His companies are making huge strides in improving access to quality healthcare solutions worldwide. We are excited to see what he will do next!

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