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The Life and career of Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren was born in 1955 in a small town known as Gladewater, Texas, in the eastern part of the state. He worked as a gauger and a ditch digger at Sun Oil and later became a field clerk with only a high school education. His mother worked in Louisiana at a department store, and she emphasized on the importance of graduating high school and joining a college.

Kelcy Warren attended The Baptist Church, which played a central role in his life. His family attended church twice on Sundays. They also were a Boy Scout family. Warren’s parents were involved in his young age when his mother served as a den leader and the president of the PTA. His father also was a president of the PTA and a scoutmaster.

An engineering professor known as Dr Syed Qasim, encouraged Warren to appeal for a scholarship. Kelcy Warren applied for a scholarship on a research project that the National Science Foundation sponsored, and he got the scholarship. He won the top award on methane gas production for his project.

He became a graduate with a degree in Civil engineering in 1978. Lone Star Gas hired Warren as a pipeline design engineer. Three years later, Warren moved to the commercial angle of energy development in Endevco, a small development energy company.

He obtained Endevco in 1992, with a partner, where they changed and named it Cornerstone Natural Gas and four years later sold it. He co-founded Energy Transfer Partners, where he became the chairman. Energy Transfer partnerships process, gathers, treats, and transports natural gas, refined product, crude oil and natural gas liquids.

Kelcy Warren advises young people on the importance of having a balance in life and being honest with themselves. Kelcy Warren has experienced great success in life and career, and he believes that success is to be strived for and not having regrets

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