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The Impressive Changes Gino Pozzo Made To Improve The Watford FC Football Club

Gino Pozzo is the proprietor of the Watford Football Club in the UK. He developed a solid reputation for leading unimpressive football clubs into the top leagues in their respective nations. The driving force behind Gino’s involvement with the Watford team is his enthusiasm for the game, which may be the foundation of his success.

When he took over the team in 2012, he introduced several fresh ideas and new players, including a few well-known superstars. Gino Pozzo used his knowledge to guide the team to its highest point of achievement.

Gino Pozzo’s parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo have devoted football fans. His mother was also related to former Udinese Calcio football club executives. Since their father acquired Udinese Calcio in 1986, the Pozzo family has been active in the management of sports clubs.

Having worked in the woodworking industry for many generations, the family now owns and runs an electrical appliance company in Spain. Besides owning a football club, the Pozzo family most recently got involved in real estate and business transactions. To concentrate more on their investments in football clubs, they sold the family woodworking business in 2008.

At 18, Gino Pozzo relocated to the US from Udine, Italy. He attended Harvard University, where he finished with a master’s degree. In 2013, he moved to the UK and lived there along with his family. Gino had moved there so he could manage the football team he had just bought more actively on a daily basis.

Gino Pozzo was ranked fourth among CEO football club owners by Talksport’s rankings in 2019. This was because of the Pozzo family’s ability to take the team to new levels in only three years. Gino Pozzo does his business from his office and regularly visits the Watford training facility. He does this to keep up to date with every aspect of the team’s progress. See this article on Crunchbase, to learn more.

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