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The Greyhound Diaries; the man who travelled over 100,000 miles in 10 years

Not many people in the first world think about how difficult life is for the less fortunate, and even when they do, maybe offering a some change at the store seems like the best way to express their sympathy for the plight of these people. this is not to say that the small things people do aren’t enough, but have you ever really wondered what it is like to take the bus to work every single day, or live somewhere under a bridge or even have to rely solely on the soup kitchen to feed your loved ones? Well, one Doug Levitt took his journey a step further and travelled more than 100,000 miles to see life through the lenses of the less fortunate.

His journey did not only end in the bus terminuses of the different states in the country. He went ahead and travelled to countries that are rebuilding from decades of war like Bosnia and Rwanda. He talked to the people there, got to listen to their deep, saddening and yet so inspiring life stories and by the end of the experience, he was a transformed man. As usual, inspiration always comes with the need to create and this is how the greyhound diaries was born.

The project that he undertook was not a two week gig that would end with him moving on to other things. He knew that he needed to commit and he did commit a decade of his entire life to the cause. Along his journey, he wrote lyrics, took photos and wrote narratives about his fellow travelers, many who were trying their best to make ends meet. Before he started this journey, he was a foreign correspondent. He has worked in volatile environments like Iran and others for CNN and MSNBC.

Personal life

Doug Levitt is the child of Carol Swartz. He attended the D.C public schools and graduated from there. When he was 16, his father committed suicide, an event that became a huge inspiration towards the path that he eventually took in life. He switched careers and became a singer, from a successful foreign correspondent.

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