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The Green Inferno Marks Eli Roth’s Comeback

Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno is finally going to get a release in the United States. Surprisingly, it took two years for the film to get a U.S. release. September of 2015 heralds the arrival of the feature.

Eli Roth has had a strange career. In 2005, his over-the-top, extremely violent horror film, Hostel was a major hit. The film did so well that it spawned sequels. Roth was poised to be a horror hero with a long career of directing genre films. Apparently, the road ended up becoming very bumpy for the director. Hopefully, The Green Inferno is going to do well enough to revitalize his career.

The Green Inferno received a limited release at festivals in 2013 and, yet, no one picked the film up for distribution according to reports from Qnet. The motion picture landscape has changed quite a bit since 2005 when all things horror related were big at the box office. Today, horror is not as hot as it once was. Why? The genre is traditionally one that goes in cycles.

Recently, a few horror films have done well. Maybe this is why a company is finally taking interest in Roth’s new cannibal opus. His other film, Knock, Knock, is getting a wide release, too. Roth’s fans are surely thrilled. No one is more thrilled than Roth because he would like nothing more than to mount a comeback.

Roth’s comeback might be a sign the studios and smaller production houses are interested in boosting horror output in the next few years. For horror fans, there are only upsides to this.

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