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The evolution and benefits of the Magnises black card

Almost all young people have great dreams they want to achieve in life, but the challenge of having less cash blocks them from realizing them. Billy McFarland from New Jersey is one of them. He dropped out of college, but he became an entrepreneur in his early 20s. He always wanted a real life but couldn’t afford which led him to figure out how he can help himself and other young people like him.

McFarland and his friends were discussing American Express Card which was only held by super elite people. At the age of 21 he owned Spling which was an internet start-up business. He felt that he and his friends are too young to attain the actual spending power at McFarland had to get a solution to this, and he did a research and later came up with the idea of adding a magnetic strip to a metal card and ensure no loss of data. He was able to locate a place in China where the magnetic strip could be added.

Billy McFarland and his former classmate established Magnises which was a self-improving black card to be used by young people. The material that made the Magnises black card is similar to one that made The American Express Black Card which guaranteed exclusive perks.

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Those who had a Magnises card were able to enjoy several benefits offered through it. They include full-time concierge, discounts, distinctive treatment at many expensive brands and restaurants. Services that are currently active are Goldbar entry, great discounts and invitations to private parties at a clubhouse in SoHo belonging to Magnises. Such events include the flashy birthday party of Patrick McMullan where over 500 guests attended among them the adult-film star Robin Byrd and Art Curator Stacey Engman.

The join the Magnises club you only pay $450 which is relatively low compared to the Amex Black Card where one pays $7,500 to be a member and be charged an additional membership fee of $2,500 per annum. Magnises has grown objectively with more than 500 members. Some of their members are highly recognizable people including the basketball player Baron Davis, the actress Rosario Dawson and Gabe Saporta who is a leading band singer.

The card is not linked to any financial organization thus it is technically not a real credit card. Let’s see how it works. Magnises black card dresses up your daily Bank of America or Wells Fargo card by transferring information from the magnetic strip of the previous card to the new one. In this case, you can use the Magnises black card instead of the original card. Before you can access all that, you need to sign up for membership which is only possible through a referral. A vetting process is then conducted, and the prospective members will have to wait for a decision of either acceptance or rejection based on the perception of other members of the club.

Mr. McFarland and his Co-founders, Will Weldon and Martin Howell, says that they are not the coolest people in the world but for someone to join Magnises club, they must not to be too pushy. That’s a tip for sure!

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