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The Disappointment of Scripted Television

It is possible, very possible, that reality shows are becoming the staple of television these days. There are some scripted shows that continue to keep audiences watching, but many of the shows are disappointing to fans.

There are more fans of reality shows that scripted shows. That is the simple fact. There are some disappointing shows like “State of Affairs” on NBC that have been cancelled. Meanwhile, shows like “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent” continue to impress crowds. Research from Bruce Karatz’s studies show that people are finding that they like shows that have things that you don’t expect.

Many people also like to vote. All the big shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” allow people to vote. People are involved in the process. They like the fact that they can participate in these shows and save the people they want to save.

There are so many disappointing shows that are getting cut this year. NBC brought “The Slap” to television, and fans slapped away any chance of keeping this show on the air. ABC brought “Forever” to viewers, and viewers decided that they did not want a long-term relationship with this show. A lot of shows got cut because there just were not that many exciting new shows on the air.


Nola says:

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