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The Crow Has A New Villain

Just when you believed the reboot of The Crow was down for the final count, new news emerges indicating the film is still a go. When it will eventually come out is anyone’s guess though.

Andrea Riseborough, the star of Oblivion, is going to play the villain in the film. The actress will be taking on the role of the gangster Top Dollar from the original comic book and film. Top Dollar was a male in the source material so this is a bit of interesting casting. How much more will be changed in the new film is something that remains to be seen. How long we have to wait to see it, well, that is the something anyone and everyone interested in a new Crow film has been asking. noted the opinion of the staff at Handy, which is that they have been asking it for quite some time.

The Crow made a lot of headlines about its stars departing. Now, news has emerged that a new villain has been cast. The fact that actors and actresses are still being signed on to the film means it is far from dead. Rather, the project just suffers from development hell and a series of false green lights.

At some point, you would think the production house would pull the plug on a new Crow film after all the delays. Perhaps continuing with the project is the only way to recoup the money already invested.

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