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The Career and Life of Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne nowadays is known as the director of such hits as about schmidt as well as election but it is not widely known how he got to be one of holly wood’s leading men behind the camera. This is why he sat down to talk about how he has made it this far & where he hopes to go in the future of his career. It all began back in Omaha where he was born & raised in the 60’s. He always knew he wanted to be a part of the film industry but was not sure how he was going to make this type of dream come true. He has become known as one of the dark directors but says he does not let that get to him as he is just happy to be doing what he does. As a kid, his folks sent him off to dundee elementary. As he was done with that, he went on to clark junior high where he first got the idea to be one of the new filmmakers out in LA. Alexander Payne then went on to high school at Creighton where he had his own column with the paper & made sure to edit the year book to see if it had any spelling or grammatical errors. As soon as he was done with all of his classes he knew he would need to get a college degree if he were going to make it in the field of his choice. This is why he became a tree in late 79 & made sure that he would have a GPA good enough to get into film school later down the line. By the time he got to UCLA he made sure to get the tools he would need to get the best grades & win all the awards. As he was ready to go to the other side, he was one of the first to take home an Oscar in the fall of 04. He was proud of that but he did not let it go to his head.

Alexander Payne

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