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The Breakfast Club returns to theaters to celebrate 30th anniversary

After 30 years as one of the most iconic teenage drama’s of all time, The Breakfast Club will return to theaters across the US for a special two day event marking the 30th anniversary of the initial release of the John Hughes movie, CNNreports. The Breakfast Club has remained one of the best loved of the 1980s cycle of films written and directed by John Hughes as it tells the story of a diverse group of teenagers in a Saturday morning detention at their high school as Marc Sparks fondly remembers.

The special release of the movie will be accompanied by a short documentary that will screen prior to the movie being shown in theaters featuring a number of the cast and media experts. The feature will discuss the making of the film and the effect it had and continues to have on teenage drama’s on TV and film. The special digitally remastered release event will be available at around 430 theaters across the country on March 26 and 31 to celebrate the February 1985 release of the original version of the movie.


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