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The Answers To Africa’s Current Economic Turmoil According To Isabel dos Santos

Self-made entrepreneur, an engineer by profession and a woman by nature, Isabel dos Santos, has been on the limelight for all the right reasons. Quite unhappy about the state of Africa’s underutilized resources, Isabel has been vocal for years. She has tried to champion for young talent, especially in Africa. So, who is Isabel dos Santos?

As nossas lojas #Candando estão cada vez mais perto das comunidades,criamos #emprego para a população angolana e apoiamos mais de 300 produtores locais de todo o país. Aqui os jovens angolanos assumem posições de liderança, tomam decisões, têm um papel de responsabilidade#Angola— Isabel Dos Santos (@isabelaangola) September 20, 2019

Isabel dos Santos is a child of African soil, Angola in particular. She is also known for her incredibly amassed net worth of about 3 billion that led her to be featured in the Forbes list of wealthiest individuals in the world. Building a portfolio from scratch, creating her businesses from nothing and gaining accreditation in male-dominated industries is enough reason to lend Isabel our ears.

Africa has struggled to utilize its natural resources for years now. According to Isabel dos Santos, this is one of the leading reasons why most economies are stagnant. A sustainable solution to utilizing these resources would be equipping Africans with the right tools that will explore what nature has for its people. She necessitates on the need to take all children to school and teach them that they are capable of living up to their dreams regardless of their gender.

Technology, in particular, has been instrumental in industrializing first world countries. Isabel dos Santos identified programs that would help bring technology closer to home. Her associations with companies such as Efacec and Unitel propel the spread of technology in Angola. She tags with the hope that they will recruit the youth and help them shape their careers and future.

Away from business, Isabel Santos’ exposure leads her to commit to philanthropy work where she has been deeply passionate about improving people’s standards of living. Her programs touch on the provision of clean water, sanitation, education, food supplies, and medical facilities. Agriculture is an undermined sector that remains widely untapped. Isabel reasons that more people should take up classes that teach agriculture for a more literate society. She also calls upon African leaders to take responsibility in providing essential power tools that will create ways for people to start businesses, farm responsibly, generate employment opportunities, discover more technology, and become self-sufficient.

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