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Terminator Director Calls TMI In The Trailers

For most people, watching the trailer for a new film is just a tease. It gets them a little interested without revealing everything that is going to happen. The people that really get into them will then go online or elsewhere and dig out all of the spoilers that they can find to share with others like themselves. And then sometimes, just sometimes thankfully, the studio drops a trailer that spills all of the major plot twists and ruins everyone’s fun.

That is what happened with Terminator: Genisys. The second trailer for the movie let it be known that the film was not just a soft reboot, but a completely different time travel story. Worst of all, they revealed who the actual main villain was going to be (It is not the T-1000).

In a story reported here the director of the fifth Terminator movie, Alan Taylor, joined a multitude of fans who would have preferred to be surprised. He states that he understands the thinking behind the decision since the film has not generated the kind of buzz among movie goers that a big budget production would like to see. According to Brad Reifler in this article, the problem for him is that he filmed a wonderful bait and switch surprise reveal that has now been shown in the trailers seen by everyone likely to go to see the movie.

Since the film opens July 1 we will have to wait and see if it hurts them at the box office.

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