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TellTale And Marvel: A Match Made In Video Game Heaven

Telltale Games has announced that they’ve partnered up with Marvel to produce a video game series with a pending release date of 2017, to the sound of millions of cheering fans.

This seems like a match made in video game heaven. Telltale Games are the the makers of the Wolf Among Us, an incredibly well made video game based on the characters of Fables, a comic book that places familiar fairy tale characters in real-world settings. The Wolf Among Us is an episodic video game drama with striking settings, backgrounds and characters that are fun to watch and play, and hard to put down.

Marvel comics can provide great stories for Telltale Games to base these new games on, so with a little bit of love and dedication, we might see the release of great comic book based video games that will change the way we play.

For Joss Whedon fans like Brian Torchin, no word on whether Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Firefly will get the same video game treatment. We will be paying attention to Crunch Base and other outlets.

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