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Telereal’s Graham Edwards and The Housing Policy Leadership

There’s a concept in economics called Engel’s Law that explains how it is that as people increase their salaries, their budget on necessities surprisingly decreases. While there is a lot of contention in this view, it should be noted that this has been one of the many pressing issues, concepts, and topics that Graham Edwards seems to be spending a lot of time on lately. Especially now that he is joining the Center for Policy Studies as its chairman on the New Housing Policy Group. This won’t be hard for him to do since the fact that he’s already a CPS Fellow can give him the heads-up on how to succeed in such endeavor.


The Housing Policy Leadership

We should state here that the strategies that Graham Edwards helps to further is in part of the U.K. Government’s effort to assuage the policy programs and poverty issues in the country. With the Brexit happening and post-Brexit issues amidst them, there’s a lot of demand and pressure for those who are in public service to give the citizens a better and more prosperous future. Graham Edwards would be the man who will rise to the occasion. He’d be heading the Housing Policy Group of the committee and would be leveraging his company, Telereal Trillium, in gaining the influence and alliances to make this happen.


About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium since he held the position in 2001. It can also be said that Mr. Edwards is the sole man responsible for making Telereal Trillium as UK’s largest privately owned property firm as of this writing. He has been led the company’s outstanding growth for a long time, and because of how he uses his skills to dismantle the challenges of the competition and how to put the odds to his favor, he’d been able to acquire Trillium from its previous owner in 2000, Land Securities.

The new company is now called Land Securities Trillium, and it is the company responsible for developing premium and sustainable real estate projects in the country, as well as building good property management programs in the industry. Graham Edwards’ leadership is an invaluable addition to the country’ real estate growth.


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